We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be. So we welcome all feedback, good or bad. Most of the time it’s best to begin with an enquiry.

Simply contact us.

Do you need to make a complaint?

If you’re not happy with our response, the way we handled it or you didn’t receive the outcome you wanted, you can make a formal complaint. You can make a complaint over the phone but its best you send it to us in writing, so we get the full picture of the problem. 

Call us on 1300 304 000 and clearly state you are making a formal complaint, 


Send your complaint to us either via email to [email protected] or post it to Kinetic Super, Locked Bag 5091 Parramatta NSW 2124. Make sure you attention it to ‘The Complaints Officer’.

Make sure you include:

  • Clearly mark it as a ‘Notice of Complaint’
  • Your name and member number
  • Your contact details
  • A detailed description of what you believe went wrong
  • What outcome you are looking for and the best way to solve your complaint
  • Provide supporting information or documents that may support your complaint

We have 90 days by law to try and resolve your issue, however we will try to get to get it done sooner.

Escalating your complaint

If you’re not satisfied with our response or how it was handled (or haven’t received a response within 90 days), you can take your complaint to the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal (SCT), who’ll independently assess your complaint.

Call them on 1300 884 114 or email [email protected].

Just remember, the SCT:

  • Can only accept your complaint if it has been through our internal complaints process first
  • Can only deal with some complaints. See the complaints the SCT can accept.
  • Has time limits in which you can make a complaint relating to a disablement claim or death benefit, See the SCT website for details on time limits.

If your complaint can’t be dealt by the SCT or relates to advice

The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) Australia resolves complaints that sit outside of the SCT, including complaints relating to advice given to you by an authorised person of Industry Fund Services Ltd (IFS) or representative of Kinetic Superannuation Ltd (KSL).

Call them on 1800 367 287 or visit their website.

Just remember:

  • Before FOS can accept a complaint, it must first go through the internal complaints process first
  • If you’re not satisfied with the response or haven’t received a response within 45 days, you can take your complaint to FOS. See the FOS website for more information.