Money going into your super

Decisions you make now about your super, like how much you contribute and where to invest, could impact the level of financial security you have when you retire. Understanding more about your contribution options can help you take control and make your retirement goals more achievable.

This guide will help you understand:

Concessional contributions

  • Employer Superannuation Guarantee (SG)
  • Salary Sacrifice
  • Personal deductible contributions
  • Concessional contribution cap
  • Carry-forward rule for unused concessional contributions

Non-concessional contributions

  • Non-concessional contribution cap
  • Bring-forward rule
  • How to make a personal contribution

Growing you super with help from the Government

  • Low Income Superannuation Tax Offset (LISTO)
  • Government co-contribution scheme

Spouse contributions

If your spouse is a stay at home parent, low-income earner or taken a career break, adding to their super could benefit you both financially.

This guide will help you understand:

  • Benefits of making spouse contributions
  • Eligibility to make spouse contributions
  • Things to consider when making spouse contributions
  • How to make a spouse contribution

Contribution splitting

Splitting your super contributions with your spouse may be a useful tax strategy to help you both build your super for retirement.

This guide will help you to understand:

  • Eligibility to split contributions
  • How much you can split
  • When can you apply to split your super contributions
  • Benefits of splitting contributions
  • Things to consider before deciding if contribution splitting is right for you
  • How to arrange a contribution split

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