How to grow your super

There are four main ways you can maximise your super savings in addition to the actual investment returns. Watch the video to find out how fast and easy it is to maximise your super.

Maximise your Super

Four ways to grow your super

1. Changing jobs – Take Kinetic Super with you

Starting a new job doesn’t mean you need start a new super account. Take your Kinetic Super account with you so you don’t create another account that will mean more fees and extra paperwork. It’s easy. Learn more.

2. Find any lost or other super

If you’ve had more than one job it’s quite likely you’ve ended up with more than one super account - that's money you could be saving for the future! Currently there's over $17 billion of lost super in Australia and some of it could be yours so let us find it for you. Learn more.

3. Consolidate your super accounts 

Multiple super accounts may mean you’re paying multiple fees, and over time, this can really add up. By combining (also called ‘consolidating’ or ‘rolling over’) your super into your Kinetic Super account you’ll have one set of fees, one lot of admin, one set of investment decisions, and greater control of your funds. Give your super one good home, and stop drowning yourself in paperwork. Learn more.

4. Adding extra contributions into your super

Turn your spare cash into a tax-effective progressive savings plan. This will make a big difference over time with the power of long term investment performance. Learn more below.

Adding extra into super

Super is one of the most tax-effective ways to save for retirement and with the power of compound interest and a long investment period even a small amount can give your super a real boost when you finally retire. For most of us, the base 9.50% (2014/15) employer contribution just isn't enough to provide the lifestyle you want when you stop working.

There are different ways you can add more into super and will depend on your situation as to what is the best option.

The table below describes the different ways you can add to super on top of the base 9.50% (2014/15) employer contribution.

Personal after-tax contribution Personal contributions are known as Non-concessional Contributions and are when you add additional amounts to your super after your income has been paid into your account. Learn more.
Government Co-contribution Scheme If you are eligible, the Government will contribute up to $500 to help you save for retirement. Learn more.
Salary Sacrifice This is when you contribute additional amounts to your super before tax is applied to your income. This could reduce the amount of tax you pay on your income. Learn more.
Spouse Contributions If you are eligible, your spouse can contribute to your super account to help you boost your super for retirement. Learn more.

Please note, contribution tax limits apply when making additional contributions.