Our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) contains important information about the features, benefits and costs of Kinetic Super’s products.

Within the PDS are references to Incorporated Information which is important to read with the PDS as it provides further detail. 

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Incorporated information – additional product information

Below is the Incorporated Information which has been referred to in the PDS. This information can be viewed and downloaded separately below or download all the Incorporated Information below.

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Incorporated information Size
Incorporated Information (IBR) 2.2MB
Contributions, features & benefits
Learn more about how super works and the significant features and benefits of having your super with Kinetic Super.
Learn more about general risks of super and managing risk, basics about investing, derivatives and insurance risks.
Learn more about investment options and performance, making investment choices and changing options.
Fees & costs
Learn more about the fees and costs that you may be charged.
Learn more about what insurance cover is available and the terms and conditions applicable