You have the option to cancel (stop) your cover at any time. Just complete the Insurance Cancellation form and send it back to us. In some circumstances, your cover will be cancelled automatically, when:

  • A death or TPD benefit gets paid on your behalf
  • You reach age 70
  • You leave the fund
  • You join the armed forces (does not include the Australian Armed Forces Reserve)
  • You have insufficient funds to pay your insurance premiums
  • The insurance policy is terminated
  • If you’re an Employer Sponsored member and your account balance is below $6,000 and we haven’t received a contribution via an employer for 10 months or more. Learn more

For further details, see the Insurance Incorporated Information.


How to avoid having your cover switch off

To protect your savings and reduce the risk of your account balance being eroded if you continue to pay insurance premiums, we’ll be switching off your insurance cover if your Kinetic Super account balance is below $6,000 and we haven’t received contributions through your employer in 10 months or more.

Don’t stress, we’ll let you know if you’re at risk of having you insurance cover switched off and what you need to do to keep it. You can keep your cover by doing one of the following:

Get your employer to make a contribution on your behalf.

We need to receive a super contribution into your account via your employer. This can be an employer contribution (Superannuation Guarantee or salary sacrifice) or a member contribution deducted from your pay. It doesn’t matter what type of contribution or how much, but it must be received via your employer.

Increasing your account balance to $6,000 or more.

Make any type of contribution to your account, including rolling money in from another super fund, to take your balance to $6,000 or more. Call 1300 304 000 and give us your consent to search and consolidate your other super into your Kinetic Super account. When transferring money from another fund into your Kinetic Super account, consider any fees or costs you might incur, or benefits with your other fund you might lose.

Letting us know you’re on maternity or extended leave.

Ask your employer to provide us with a letter on company letterhead or an email from the corporate email account confirming the date your leave commenced and your expected return to work date. The maximum extended leave permitted is 24 months. If you provide suitable documentation, your insurance cover will not be switched off whilst you are on extended leave.