We don't expect you to be an expert investor, that’s our job. You'll find all the information and resources right here to make it easy for you.

There are a few options within Kinetic Super and Kinetic Smart Pension as to how your money is invested and the choices you have.


Kinetic Super – Growth (MySuper)

Kinetic Super – Growth (MySuper) is a diversified investment option that is low cost and a simple product option designed for those that would rather have their savings managed by our expert team within the fund.  This option invests mainly in shares, with the remainder in property, alternative assets, private capital and bonds.

You can branch out at any time to make an investment decision, knowing that your administration fee will remain the same.

Kinetic Super – Choice

If you decide to make an investment choice outside of the Growth (MySuper) option, you have access to eight investment options. This is ideal for members that wish to take an active part in how and where their money is invested.

Kinetic Smart Pension

As with the Choice option, if you are a Kinetic Smart Pension member, you also have the choice to actively manage your investment across the eight investment options. Depending on your objectives, you may wish to protect your retirement savings or focus on further growth.