We adopt a multi-manager approach when investing. We utilise both local and international market experts to invest our portfolio of assets across a range of pooled unit trusts.

It’s designed to minimise risk and exposure to any one fund manager, provides greater diversification, and access to investment opportunities often only available to large investors.

So, whether you choose your own asset allocation or decide to choose one of our pre-mixed options, you’ll be investing with multiple managers within each asset class (excluding our cash option).

Selecting the best fit

This process is supported by the global manager research process of the Fund's asset consultant, Towers Watson. The Fund's Investment Committee relies on the advice of Towers Watson, as well as its Chief Investment Officer, to select investment managers that best fit the Fund's specific requirements.

Investment managers as at 1 November 2017
Asset Class Investment Managers Investment Product
Australian Equities Vanguard Investments Australia Ltd Vanguard Australian Shares Index Fund*
  Cooper Investors Pty Ltd Cooper Investors Australian Equities Fund*
  Merlon Capital Partners Pty Ltd Merlon Wholesale Australian Share Fund*
International Equities Vanguard Investments Australia Ltd Vanguard International Shares Index Fund*
  Vanguard Investments Australia Ltd Vanguard International Shares Index Fund (AUD) h*
  Vontobel Asset Management Inc Vontobel Global Equity Fund
  Genesis Investment Management LLP Genesis Emerging Markets Investment Company
Property AMP Capital Funds Management Ltd AMP Capital Shopping Centre Fund
  AMP Capital Investors Ltd AMP Capital Wholesale Office Fund
  Charter Hall Funds Management Ltd Charter Hall Core Plus Office Fund
  SG Hiscock & Company Ltd &
LaSalle Investment Management 
SGH LaSalle Global Listed Property Securities Fund
Private Capital Hastings Funds Management Ltd Hastings Utilities Trust of Australia
  Palisade Investment Partners Ltd Palisade's Diversified Infrastructure Fund
  Members Equity Bank Pty Ltd Members Equity Bank Pty Limited
  Westbourne Credit Management Ltd Westbourne Yield Fund No 1
  Westbourne Credit Management Ltd Westbourne Infrastructure Debt Fund 2
Bonds Schroder Investment Management Australia Ltd Schroders Fixed Income Fund Standard Class*
  Members Equity Portfolio Management Ltd The Super Loans Trust
  BlackRock Investment Management (Australia) Ltd iShares Global Bond Index Fund**1
  BlackRock Investment Management (Australia) Ltd iShares Australian Govt Inflation-Linked Bond Fund**1
Cash BlackRock Investment Management (Australia) Ltd BlackRock Cash Fund**1

*These investments have a value in excess of 5% of the total assets of Kinetic Super.
**In combination, these investments have a value in excess of 5% of the total assets of Kinetic Super BlackRock Investment Management (Australia) Limited1.

Sustainable investing

Kinetic Super has formulated an ‘inprinciple’ position regarding sustainable investments. Kinetic Super acknowledges that incorporating a sustainable approach to investing is important to the long-term performance of the investment strategy. The Trustee believes this is an integral part of its fiduciary responsibility to members. When appointing external investment managers, Kinetic Super will take into account the ESG (Environment, Social and Governance)/sustainability framework adopted by the managers. While we encourage our managers to take ESG/sustainability factors into account, they are taken into account by the managers in their own right, not on behalf of the Trustee. The Trustee does not take into account labour standards or environmental, social or ethical considerations for the purpose of selecting, retaining or realising particular investments (including underlying investments made by our managers) of the Fund.