High risk, low risk? What’s right for you?

We all have a different attitude to risk and money. Taking the time to choose how your pension is invested can have a major impact on how long it lasts. On average, we’re all living longer than we used to, which means your money may have to last for longer. You have to think about how long you have left until retirement, how you plan to use your super savings once you retire, and your tolerance to investment risk or the chance of a negative investment return during a period. This may play a part in your decision.

Your choices made easy

Our range of eight investment options has been designed to make your investment choice easier.

Each option has a different strategy and objective.

We offer three different pre-mixed investment options, which invests your money in varying proportions across several asset classes including Australian shares, overseas shares, cash, property and fixed interest. In addition, we also offer five single asset class investment options for those who like to choose their own asset allocation. You can either choose one option, or spread your funds over multiple options.

The same type of investment options are available for both types of Kinetic Smart Pension, however the investment option pools for account-based pensions are tax-free and the investment option pools for Transition-to-Retirement (TTR) pensions are subject to tax on investment earnings.

The unit price differs for account-based pensions and TTR pensions to reflect the different tax treatment of investment earnings associated with TTR pensions. The unit price for account-based pensions is referred to as the ‘Pension unit price’ and the unit price for TTR pensions is referred to as the ‘TTR unit price’.


Product option Investment options
Kinetic Smart Pension Pre-mixed Asset class
As a Kinetic Smart Pension member, you can choose to manage your investment across the eight investment options. Depending on your investment objectives, time frame and tolerance for risk, you may wish to protect your retirement savings or focus on further growth.

Making the switch

You can change your investment option at any time. To switch investment options, simply log in to Member Online Services where you can switch options up to 6 times each financial year free of charge. A $30 fee is charged for your seventh and subsequent switches. Alternatively you can complete the Kinetic Smart Pension Form within the PDS and post it to us.