Get peace of mind for you and your family by choosing insurance that meets your needs and provides a safety net for you and your loved ones. Insurance premiums are deducted directly from your super account, taking pressure off your weekly finances.

Your insurance options

Types of cover

Death and Terminal Illness Cover

Provides a benefit to your dependants, nominated beneficiaries, or your legal personal representative (your estate) when you die. This can help to pay off any debts your loved ones may inherit, and provide financial protection for them.

This type of cover also includes a Terminal Illness benefit, if you suffer from an illness or injury which is likely to result in your death within 12 months. 

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Total Permanent Disability (TPD) Cover

Provides financial support if you suffer total and permanent disablement. It can be used to make necessary lifestyle adjustments, pay for rehabilitation, or to cover expenses like rent and mortgage payments.

You can add this type of cover to your Death Cover, but it can’t be purchased on its own. 

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Income Protection Cover

Provides temporary financial support if you’re unable to work because of serious illness or injury.

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Choose the right cover for you

Default cover

Most members will receive this cover automatically, subject to eligibility requirements. If you’re self-employed or not working, your options will be different — see ‘Apply for cover’ below for details.

Default cover includes Death and TPD Cover, and the amount and cost of the cover is determined by your age and the type of work you do.

The maximum amount of Death Cover is $5 million, and of TPD $3 million.

For insurance reasons, we use two job categories: Standard and White Collar.

Standard (default) occupations

Your work includes some degree of manual labour, usually outside an office environment, or your work doesn’t fall under the criteria for White Collar. This is the default option. 

From 1 August 2016, insurance premiums for Death and Total & Permanent Disablement (TPD) cover will be changing. For details on the cover and premiums see our Standard Occupational Category chart.

White Collar occupations

You work in an office environment, and your duties are generally professional, managerial, clerical, secretarial or other tasks that don’t involve manual labour.

You can check your employment category in Member Online Services. If your work falls under the White Collar category, you may be eligible for lower insurance premiums.

From 1 August 2016, insurance premiums for Death and Total & Permanent Disablement (TPD) cover will be changing. For details on the cover and premiums see our White Collar Occupational Category chart.


Your cover

Apply for cover

If you’re not eligible for default cover (you’re self-employed, not working or otherwise not employer-sponsored), you can apply for Death and TPD Cover. You’ll need to provide evidence of good health, and return a completed Application form.

Adjust your cover

Your situation is unique, so you have the option to increase or decrease your level of cover depending on your individual circumstances.

You can increase the amount you’re insured for by purchasing extra units of cover

If you choose to purchase additional cover, you may also be eligible to maintain your level of cover once it starts to reduce because of your age.

This is subject to approval and you’ll need to provide evidence you’re in good health.

On the other hand, you can choose to opt out of insurance cover if your needs are met elsewhere or if you don’t need insurance at this point in time.

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Income Protection

This provides a regular income if you become seriously ill or injured and temporarily can’t work. You’ll receive a monthly payment to help support you and your family. The maximum cover available is $25,000 per month ($300,000 per year). You can apply to add this cover.

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Additional options

New member insurance offer

If you’re a new Kinetic Super member, you may have the option to increase your level of cover without being subject to the usual requirement of providing evidence of good health. You have 120 days from when you receive your Welcome Letter to take advantage of this offer.

You can increase your cover up to the Automatic Acceptance Limit (AAL). Learn more

Apply through Member Online Services, or send us a completed New member insurance offer form.

Maintain your level of cover

After a certain age, your level of cover starts to decrease. However, you can apply to purchase extra cover to maintain an equivalent level, up to a maximum of 12 units of cover. For details on the cover and premiums view the charts below.

Standard Premiums White Collar Premiums

This is only available to members who’ve purchased additional cover or applied for cover, and isn’t available for default cover.

To apply, complete the Maintain existing cover form.

Life Events Cover

Your circumstances change, and your insurance needs can change with them. To make sure your cover stays right for you, you can apply to increase your Death and/or TPD insurance cover within 120 days of a life event, such as:

In these situations, you can apply to increase your cover without providing evidence of good health.

Update your work category:

  • Your child being born or you adopt.
  • Your spouse dies.
  • You get married or divorced.
  • Your child starts primary or secondary school.
  • You take out a mortgage on your home.

To apply, complete the Life Events Cover form.

Insurance transfer

Do you have more than one super account? You may be duplicating your insurance and paying extra premiums that you don’t need.

Find and combine your super

You can apply to transfer your existing insurance to Kinetic Super, even if you don’t combine your super balance. You can do this if you’re:

  • A new or an existing member.
  • You have insurance through an employer-sponsored super account, or an individual insurance policy from a life insurer. It’s recommended that you wait until your new insurance is active before cancelling any existing policies.

To apply, complete the Insurance transfer form.