Growth (MySuper)

Return Return target
10 year average return of 5.52% p.a. as at 30 June 2016 Return target for 2017-2025 of 3.5% per year above CPI growth (inflation), after fees and taxes. Future returns cannot be guaranteed. This return is a prediction.

Comparison between return target and return

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Past performance is not necessarily an indication of future returns.

Level of investment risk Statement of fees and other costs
Negative returns expected in 4 to less than 6 out of every 20 years
$445.60 per year
The higher the expected return target, the more often you would expect a year of negative returns Fees and other costs for a representative member who is fully invested in the product has a $50,000 balance for the year and incurs no activity fees (gross of tax obligations).

Warning: The information set out in this dashboard follows specific statutory requirements and, for this reason, may not be identical to information disclosed to you previously for other purposes (e.g., in previous annual member statements or in previous annual reports).
The return target is the mean (average) estimated return above the growth in the Consumer Price Index (CPI). This is the figure that Kinetic Super expects to meet or exceed 50% of the time over a rolling 10 year period. This figure is required by statutory regulation.
The return target as published is not the investment objective that Kinetic Super seeks to achieve for its members invested in the Growth (MySuper) investment option. Kinetic Super expects to achieve an annual investment return of CPI + 3% with a greater than 52% likelihood. That is, it is expected the return for the Growth (MySuper) investment option will meet the investment objective more than the return target.