KiwiSaver - Trans-Tasman (Aus-NZ) Retirement Saving Portability Scheme

From 1 July 2013, eligible individuals may transfer their retirement savings between Australia and New Zealand after their emigration from one country to the other.

As a Kinetic Super member, if you move permanently to New Zealand, you may transfer your super to an authorised KiwiSaver scheme.

You can apply to transfer your whole Kinetic Super account balance to an authorised KiwiSaver scheme if:

  • you’ve permanently emigrated to New Zealand (you cannot apply before you leave Australia permanently)
  • your chosen KiwiSaver scheme is an approved scheme as confirmed by the New Zealand Financial Markets Authority website listing
  • you’re transferring your whole super balance (partial transfers are not permitted)
  • you provide a Statutory Declaration and other documentation signed by an authorised Australian or New Zealand Representative.

Is your KiwiSaver scheme approved?

To confirm if your chosen KiwiSaver scheme is approved for Trans-Tasman super transfers, check the New Zealand Financial Markets Authority.

Statutory declaration

You’ll need to provide Kinetic Super with an Australian or New Zealand Statutory Declaration, witnessed in the presence of an authorised Australian or New Zealand Representative, that states:

  • your name, occupation and New Zealand residential address
  • you’ve permanently emigrated to New Zealand
  • you’ve attached proof of residence at your New Zealand address (e.g. copy of a current utilities bill, etc. with your name and address)
  • your day time phone number in New Zealand (including country and area code)
  • your request and consent to the transfer of your whole account (withdrawal benefit to a KiwiSaver scheme
  • details of your account with an approved KiwiSaver scheme that will accept transfers from complying Australian superannuation funds
  • name of your chosen KiwiSaver scheme
  • name of the KiwiSaver cheque payee to which the benefits are to be transferred (who the cheque is made payable to)
  • postal and email address of your KiwiSaver scheme
  • Kiwisaver Registration Number
  • your Inland Revenue Department (IRD) Number
  • your KiwiSaver account number
  • you discharge the Trustee from any liability regarding the transfer. You don’t require any further information, however you can still request information (including any fees or charges that may affect the transfer).

Note: To assist members, a standard template of the Statutory Declaration detailing the Trans-Tasman requirements is available here. 

Rules that apply

Once the transfer is completed the Australian-sourced retirement savings held in the KiwiSaver scheme:

  • may not be withdrawn to purchase a first home,
  • may be accessed when you reach at least 60 years of age and satisfy the Australian definition of retirement at that age 
  • the Australian-sourced amount may not be transferred to a third country

Taxes and charges

Tax is not payable when transferring your entire super benefit from Kinetic Super to your chosen KiwiSaver scheme. 

Your KiwiSaver account balance will clearly identify your New Zealand-sourced and Australian-sourced amounts (components). You will see these components as separate amounts on your future benefit statements. 

Different rules apply in each country regarding fees and when you can access your benefit. Generally, New Zealand-sourced amounts can be accessed at the New Zealand retirement age of 65. Australian-sourced components can generally be accessed at Australian retirement age of 60 (and satisfying the Australian definition of retirement). Deductions (fees, etc.) from a KiwiSaver Fund (host fund where the super is held) are first applied to New Zealand-sourced amounts, before being applied to the transferred amounts from the Australian-source.

How to transfer from Kinetic Super to your chosen KiwiSaver scheme

To transfer your whole Kinetic Super account to a KiwiSaver scheme, you will need to provide Kinetic Super with the following fully completed documents:

  • Request for Benefit Payment form 
  • certified copy of your proof of identification
  • statutory Declaration signed by an authorised Australian or New Zealand Representative

Kinetic Super makes it easy!

To help you to provide the correct documentation to transfer your benefit to a KiwiSaver scheme, we have prepared and made available a Trans-Tasman Portability Checklist and Statutory Declaration template (detailing all statements that are required).